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Standard  Blast Doors

GPS Specialty Doors now has a line of standard blast doors that are pre-engineered to easily fit your blast protection needs.

Our doors are designed to fit seamlessly into normal building conditions so that they are both aesthetically and functionally indistinguishable from regular egress doors.


Our Standard Blast Door Package includes:

  • Complete and detailed drawings and engineering which includes blast analysis and certification.

  • Specialty formed frame rated for blast

  • Door leaf with heavy duty steel internal structure

  • Blast rated hinges

  • Two point latching system

  • Standard Panic hardware and door closer

  • Full operation and maintenance manuals

We Offer the following types of Standard Blast doors:


  • Low pressure, 3 PSI Static

  • Mid Level Pressure, 10 PSI Static

  • Left or right handed

  • Single or bi-parting

  • Sizes:

    • 3ft x 7ft​

    • 4ft x 7ft​

    • 6ft x 7ft​

    • 6ft x 8ft​

    • Custom! Let us know your needs and we'll design a ballistic door system to fit!

They are sized for ADA compliant openings meaning our "clear opening" or area clear of hardware and obstructions is a minimum of 32in for a 3ftx7ft door. 

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