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Security Doors

Blast Resistant Personnel Doors

Know exactly what you need already? Choose from our new line of standard Blast/Bullet resistant doors. Our standard blast doors are pre-engineered, tested and certified for both blast and ballistic ratings.

We offer:

  • Low pressure, 3 PSI Static

  • Mid Level Pressure, 10 PSI Static

  • Left or right Handed

  • Single or Bi-parting

  • Standard Personnel door sizes

Doors are offered with standard hardware but can be customized to suit your specific hardware schedule. Click "More info" for test information and sizing!

Need something more specific? We can create a custom designed personnel door to meet specific anti-terrorism/force protection (ATFP) requirements.

Ballistic Rated

Our new line of Ballistic Rated doors are pre-engineered and certified up to 

UL752 UL Level 8 (.30 cal. 7.62 NATO FMJ).

We Offer:

  • Left or right handed

  • Single or Bi-parting

  • Standard Hardware provided

  • Sizes:

    • 3ft x 7ft​

    • 4ft x 7ft

    • 6ft x 7ft

    • 6ft x 8ft

    • Custom! Let us know your needs and we'll design a ballistic door system to fit!

Have a specific hardware schedule to include? Let us know and we'll incorporate it!

Forced Entry Doors (COMING SOON)

Coming soon!

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GPS now offers a standard line of blast resistant, blast/bullet and ballistic resistant doors to make sourcing the correct products for your project quick and easy. 

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