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GPS Specialty Doors has designed, fabricated and installed high capacity swinging blast doors across the country for the Corps of Engineers, NASA, Lockheed Martin, GE and Boeing among others.

Our blast door systems are designed to be fully integrated into the building with blast rated embeds and hinges. They can be manually, pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically powered and are provided with standard latching and pin mechanisms to withstand the highest of blast loads.

Large Swinging Blast Doors

Test Cell Swinging Door
Ammunition Igloo Swinging Door
Test Cell Blast Door
High Capacity Blast Door
Blast door
Blast Resistant Door
Test Cell Blast Door
2008_10_14 Hensel Phelps Blast Field Install Pics, Don 003
GE Aircraft Engines Closed
2008_10_06 Hensel Phelps Blast Door Fab at GPS 011
2013_12_18 AFTAC, Blast Doors, Final -004_edited
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