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Door Services

GPS Specialty Doors has a wide variety of door services to meet your project's needs.

Design Services

GPS Specialty Doors uses the latest 3-D modeling software to provide highly accurate and detailed drawings for the most complicated designs. We have spent decades building strong relationships with architectual and engineering firms to develop one of a kind systems quickly and easily.


Our software allows us to easily identify and resolve conflicts early in the design phase to eliminate extra costs and time in the field.

Engineering Inspection and Consultation

Our qualified staff of engineers can provide comprehensive onsite engineering surveys and inspections on existing doors to identify key aspects and requirements.


Our after-inspection report will include any recommendations for repairs and upgrades that we feel would improve performance and efficiency of your current system. We will also provide preliminary budget estimates for evaluation and cite items for immediate action.

Preventative Maintenance

GPS Specialty Doors technicians are experts in all aspects of door mechanics and hardware. We can provide our signature "Lube and Tune" service to keep your doors working in excellent running shape. This includes:

  • Lubrication of all bottom wheels and mechanical components

  • Inspection/Lubrication of motor gear boxes

  • Inspection and tightening the drive chains

  • Aligning the gears where necessary

  • Calibrating/Adjusting limit switches

  • Inspection of control and safety components

  • Inspection of weather seals

  • Final report detailing work completed and recommendations for additional service.

Safety Edge Retrofit System

A versatile after-market safety system for existing large scale doors. The system includes fail-safe electronic safety edge and controller box that ties in with existing controls to cut power to the motor in the case of an obstruction in the closing path of the door. It can be adapted for a range of various electro-mechanically driven door types including but not limited to: Hangar doors, Acoustic Elephant Doors, Sliding Metal Doors, Fabric Roll-Up Doors. The system is also has available connections to multiple different electrical layouts including 208/230/460V primary and 115V secondary.

  • 8ft of Fail-Safe Rubber Safety Edge bulb and Retainer

  • Attachment method (Screw connection)

  • NEMA 4 Auxiliary Control Box

    • Dry contacts to interface with any configuration of controls

    • Able to break with existing stop/ close commands or directly break motor from control panel

    • Connections for 208/230/460V primary and 115V secondary

    • Independent 24 VDC power supply

    • Lighted Safety Edge Reset Button

    • Full service technical and installation support

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