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Custom Blast Doors

Sliding Blast doors

Top hung sliding blast doors provide excellent blast resistance while maintaining a low building profile and are great for applications where space is tight.

Features and options:

  • Drive options include fully manual, chain operated, pneumatic or electrically driven with emergency manual release

  • Meets UFC 4-010-01 DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings

  • Meets "fail not fall" criteria

  • Optional canopy for exterior doors

  • Standard hardware provided but can be customized to suit your specific hardware schedule.

Large Swinging Doors

No matter the size of configuration, GPS has provided large, high capacity swinging blast doors for many different industries. These include but are not limited to:

  • Ammunition Igloo doors

  • Test chamber doors

  • Engine test cell doors

Doors can be designed for use with manual power only, or with an electric drive with emergency manual capabilities.

Custom Personnel Egress Doors

GPS now offers high capacity, emergency egress, personnel blast doors! The first of its kind, these blast doors are able to protect against extreme blast loads while allowing personnel to quickly and easily exit the space.


  • Designed for high capacity blast load

  • One of a kind cross bar egress device allows for immediate exit

  • Exterior flywheel allows for additional access

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Whether your project requires swing, slide or vertical lift doors, GPS will provide a solution to efficiently meet your needs. Specify your blast loads (impulse, overpressure and rebound) requirements, door opening size, preferred configuration and GPS will do the rest.

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