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Concrete Elephant Doors

Past Projects

Concrete Acoustic Studio Doors, often referred to as "Elephant doors" in the industry, go back to the early days of Hollywood. Productions needed door openings that would allow an actual Elephant to walk through and onto the set. Openings that large can be an acoustic nightmare and such the Elephant door was conceived.

GPS Specialty Doors has designed and installed elephant doors for some of the most prominent names in the business and are the go to name for studio architects across the country.

GPS Specialty Doors recently completed the largest concrete studio door in the world that fits an opening of 50 feet high and 100 feet wide with four separate rolling leaves at Dubai Studio City.

NBC Universal
NBC Universal Elephant Door
Dubai Elephant Door
Tilt Up Installation
Large Scale Acoustic Door
Concrete Acoustic Door
Elephant Door
Concrete Elephant Door
Sliding Movie Studio Door
In Progress Studio Door
New England Studios Scale
Concrete Acoustic Studio Door
Lifting a Concrete Studio Door
Acoustic Studio Door
Closed view, Studio Door
Studio door with Person for scale
large scale studio door
New England Studios
Studio door before Insul-quilt
Lifting a studio door

Our elephant doors are the leader in acoustic performance exceeding ratings of NC26 (STC 56 Equivalent). While every studio has its own unique set of needs, typical installations include doors that cover openings of 16 feet wide by 16 feet tall, are 8 inches thick and weigh approximately 40,000 pounds.

GPS designs and fabricates all components, including all structural, mechanical, electric, acoustic and control assemblies.

The standard installation process for this type of door includes:

  • Location and attachment of top guide assemblies and bottom rails

  • Door frame assembly on the concrete slab

  • Concrete infill of the frame and rail trench

  • "Tilt Up"of door leaf via crane onto bottom rail

  • Assembly and installation of acoustic and electrical hardware

"Pour in place" options are also available by request.

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