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Ballistic Doors

Our Ballistic Rated doors are pre-engineered and certified up to:

UL752 UL Level 8

(.30 cal. 7.62 NATO FMJ).

Our Standard Ballistic Door Package Includes:

  • Complete and detailed drawings and engineering which includes certification.

  • Specialty formed frame rated for ballistic protection

  • Door leaf with heavy duty steel internal structure

  • Standard Panic hardware and door closer

  • Full operation and maintenance manuals

We Offer:

  • Left or right handed

  • Single or bi-parting

  • Standard Hardware provided

  • Sizes:

    • 3ft x 7ft​

    • 4ft x 7ft

    • 6ft x 7ft

    • 6ft x 8ft

    • Custom! Let us know your needs and we'll design a ballistic door system to fit

Our ballistic doors have been tested to UL752, Level 8 (.30 cal. 7.62 NATO FMJ) Ballistic test standards by a certified third party testing facility to determine the effectiveness of our design.  The door core, hinges, and gaps between the door and frame were shot per the UL standard with no partial or through penetration or spall encountered. 

Ballistic Testing
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