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Aperture Hangar Doors

Aperture doors allow for larger aircraft to be housed in a smaller hangars without weather interfering with maintenance procedures. They include an inflatable seal that fits snugly around the fuselage of an aircraft. The doors can be designed to move both vertically and horizontally to accommodate different aircraft positions.

GPS designs, fabricates and installs the doors complete, including all structural,
mechanical, interior and exterior siding, insulation, safety edges, electrical distribution and controls.

We can retrofit apertures into existing doors, or custom build new doors to fit your needs.

Aperture Hangar Doors
Westover C5 Aperture Seal Inflated
Westover C5 Aperture Seal Deflated
Aircraft Aperture Doors
Tail Doors
Westover C5 Aperture Door
Hangar Doors
2010_12_15 Westover North Side Repair fit
2010_12_15 Westover North Side Repair
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