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Air Plenum Doors

Air Plenum doors are used in various types of aircraft paint and corrosion control facilities and are designed to house a bank of filters that will allow pressurized air to pass through, creating a uniform flow of clean air over the aircraft. We have designed several unique types of air plenum doors including a self contained slide system, a modular swing system and an around the corner system. All Air Plenum and Filter doors designed by GPS have a comprehensive sealing system to ensure a weather tight seal while eliminating air leaks.

Modular Swing System: 


We have manufactured some of the world's largest swing doors for use in Air Plenum applications.  Our unique and innovative hinge designs compensate for variations in the apron immediately in front of the door.  Swing doors utilize a simple and reliable traction drive system with the door mounted drive wheel running on a curved rail set into the ground.

For this application, the variable air ducting and filters are all contained in the door structure. All door dead loads are directed to the foundations and none into the building structure. No wing wall is required for door stacking and a personnel door is provided to gain easy access for filter replacement.

Self Contained Slide System:


Our self contained slide system acts as a simple hangar door, which makes operation a breeze. Within the door structure are separately controlled louvers that provide the necessary uniform stream of air. This system is excellent for larger planes that are housed in hangars that are used for general maintenance in addition to corrosion control or painting. Like standard doors, this system is bottom rolling and stacks into a pocket out of site when fully open.

Around the Corner Filter Door:


Like our self contained slide system, our Around the Corner Filter door acts like a standard hangar door until you get to the end of the building. This type of door turns a 90 degree corner to sit parallel with the outside wall. No need for a front apron or a pocket! The majority of door structure infill are dense filters which turns the doors into a wall of air brought in by massive towers of fans on each side of the building. Used for the largest aircraft such as C-17 Cargo planes, these doors are over 62 feet tall. 

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